Featured in Cast: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity's Most Transformational Process

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AGTA Spectrum Award™ winning designer Ashleigh Branstetter

AGTA Spectrum Award™ winning designer Ashleigh Branstetter submitted her first entries into the competition in 2009. Right out of the shoot, she took home a 3rd Place in Business/Day Wear with her 32.10 ct. pink Tourmaline ring. Then for the 2010 competition, Ashleigh was awarded two more Spectrum trophies for her 2nd Place in Business/Day Wear for her Chalcedony briolette and moss Diamond slice earrings and a Manufacturing Honors in Men’s Wear for her London blue Topaz bulletcufflinks. Her latest Spectrum Award-winning pieces are featured in Florida International Magazine, Best Jewelry Design of 2009 on www.Brides.com and at the recent Oscars Awards ceremony. Ashleigh Branstetter grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A model since high school, Branstetter has appeared in print ads for Southern Comfort and Volvo as...

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