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Mikimoto Pearl Island

A date with Mikimoto! At least he put a stunning strand of pearls around my neck...

I was surprised with a trip to Japan for my Birthday. However, it was so cold in Nov/Dec decided not to visit the coast. Promised we'd be back soon - 6 months later I had my date with Mikimoto.

On a tiny island in Ise Bay, offshore Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Its where Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the first cultured pearl in 1893. Mikimoto Pearl Island is a short stroll from Toba station (Shinkansen high-speed train). We took the train from Kyoto Station to Toba. The museum exhibited detailed information of the pearl cultivation process, historic pearl pieces, and the demonstration by the Ama divers is worth the trip! Nowadays, the pearl diving Ama is a tourist performance at Mikimoto Pearl Island. 

I so love Japan - the temples, the food, the friendships.



The Ritz Carlton Kyoto Japan with the is views of the Kamo River and stroll to nearby Gion  and Fish Market.  We stayed here as our "base camp" and took day trips by train.  Book the bicycle tour in the morning with the concierge and then rent bikes for the rest of the day and tour Kyoto on your own.  




There's so much to see—and do!—in Kyoto. We had a fantastic tea ceremony, rented bikes, walked Temples, and even enjoyed hiking to see the monkeys. If you love sweets, make sure to try Khashoggi. 



Oh, Deer! Nara Park is home to thousands of wild sika deer, considered sacred in Japan. It's a fantastic experience to see them roaming freely and coming up to you for petting.